Loving the One You’re With

I found a blog last night and liked this quote from its creator:

“It is the essayist’s task to say, “This is what I have seen. This is what I have experienced. This is what I have discovered lying along life’s shore, waiting to be plucked from the sands of obscurity, turned and examined, magnified for detail, polished until its inherent nature shimmers in the light.” ~ Linda Leinen

This is what I envision for my own written offerings here—to be a record of my personal experiences and observations. I really liked her way with words, her turn of phrase, and for a brief moment felt a pang of envy wishing I could craft copy like her. Or so many other wonderful writers and bloggers out there.

And then I remembered the post I had written for myself a year ago about accepting my unique voice and offerings and how they—and I—are just perfect as they are.

And so, in this month that celebrates love, here’s my offering on self-love.

SoulCollage card by Linda Tenney

February is traditionally the month we focus on expressing our love for others—partners, children, parents, friends.

We spare no expense in finding perfect gifts of hearts & flowers, jewelry, and dining out.

We spend time, money, and effort in hopes of pleasing our beloveds beyond their wildest dreams!

But what about us? About you? Yes, YOU!

This month I wanted to talk about Self-Love. Yes, I know—even that concept is somewhat of a cliché in “new age” or “awakened” circles.

But the lack of love we show for ourselves is something we all wrestle with at some point, even if we don’t realize it. Because lack of self-love can show up as self-condemnation, unforgiveness, or even projecting same onto others.

My own lack of self-love manifested fully in the last few years as a deep lack of self-confidence, which sabotaged every business and service-to-others venture I endeavored.

From intuitive readings to teaching to jewelry design to freelance writing: I came to realize that my offerings were very different than other professionals, than the status quo of that niche, and I began to view what I had to offer others as “less than.”

Finally, one day after beating myself up yet again for not being as talented as, as successful as, as creative as, I had an epiphany:

I am a unique spark of Spirit/Source/Creator/God/Goddess, and this is how that spark shows up in this world through me!

My style of tarot card reading is very different than other readers and psychics; my jewelry designs are not always “on-trend” and what the mainstream are buying right now; and my freelance website looks nothing like all the latest, hip business websites out there.

They represent me and my distinctive voice…what I bring to the party.

And that’s ok. It’s perfect actually.

I realized I am not “an error” of Spirit because I don’t present to the world like my peers.

Thank God! (or insert your favorite word for Infinite Intelligence here)

I’m perfect just as I am.

And so are you. Just as you are.

So, I invite you to try a little tenderness toward yourself this month…and from this moment forward.

Embrace that part of you that can’t seem to stop engaging in those negative behaviors and self-defeating thought patterns.

Love that part of you that condemns self and others.

Practice radical self-acceptance…and Self-Love!

~ Light up a stick of your favorite incense and breathe deep the sweetest smell.

~ Rub some delicious essential oil onto your pulse points and feel the Heart of One beat within you.

~ Hold a smooth rose quartz stone in your palm as you hold yourself in the highest esteem.

In the stillness, thank yourself for being here as the irreplaceable being of Love that you are.

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