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Tarot Reading

“Linda! Your reading was wonderfully helpful and, as it turns out, EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Thanks for your honesty, expertise and instincts. I can’t thank you enough.” ~ Anand

Do you sometimes feel this way…

  • You’re experiencing uncertainty or dissatisfaction in your life or relationships and sensing the need to make significant changes
  • You feel stuck in the circumstances of your life due to fear, insecurity, or indecision
  • You feel that you have some purpose or aspiration you need to focus on, but would like support in figuring out the ‘what’ or the ‘how’
  • All the hype around the future of our planet leaves you fearful or uneasy about what’s to come

If you can relate to any of these statements, then you are in the same places I have been. From my own inner journey, I can share effective ways to move out of those dark, stuck, or uncomfortable places during your reading.

How a reading flows

Through the cards, you are able to receive answers and solutions from your own Divine Inner Self. I serve as part facilitator, part intuitive reader, and part spiritual life coach to help frame these messages as clear, memorable perspectives and assessments of what’s going on.

More than just looking at the ‘every-day’ aspects of your situation and identifying practical actions you can take, we can go deeper, looking into the underlying influences affecting the situation, which allows you to shift limiting perspectives and gain newfound insights.

This style of reading will appeal to you if you’d rather explore the ‘what…?’, ‘why…?’ and ‘how…?’ of an issue, as opposed to the elusive and disempowering ‘will…?’ or ‘when…?’.

Learn more about how the tarot works here

Book a reading

I offer tarot reading consultations over the phone and by email.

By phone

Phone readings can go much deeper than an email tarot reading because they’re interactive. You will receive an MP3 recording of the session and digital images of the card layout. This is most important, as the images can bring the meaning of the message to you in a most visceral way.

$1.00 per minute in 30-minute increments

Contact me today to schedule a consultation and get the clarity you need

Once we have scheduled a session, please return here and pre-pay for the length of session you have scheduled.

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By email

I offer Heart of the Matter email readings through my shop on Etsy (pay by credit card or PayPal with a free Etsy account)

In 1-2 business days from your order, I will email you a PDF format file of the in-depth reading in written form with embedded photos of the card layout.

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My code of ethics

All information you share with me shall remain private and confidential. I am not licensed to provide professional psychological, medical, financial, or legal advice. As a spiritual life coach, I can provide direction and offer other professional resources you may avail yourself of at your discretion. I do not claim to be psychic, and as such, I do not make predictions. I intuitively interpret the cards to provide you a framework from which you can access your own answers and solutions from your inner Divine Oracle!