Tarot Workshop

Tarot for Self Discovery(c) Robin Wood Tarot

Which of the following ways is the “correct” way to use Tarot cards?

  • To explore probable future outcomes
  • To explore options to help you decide a course of action
  • To provide suggestions for overcoming challenges that stand between you and your goals
  • To gain insight into situations for which you need guidance
  • To help you effectively understand and deal with your relationships—family, friends, work
  • As a brainstorming tool for idea generation and conceiving creative solutions to problems
  • To explore your inner psychological landscape, uncover hidden motivations, and discover untapped wells of wisdom
  • All of the above

Yep, you guessed it—All of the above! The Tarot is a multi-purpose toolset—it’s a mirror, a magnifying glass, a telescope, a visual map, a symbolic language, a multi-dimensional framework, an oracle, a trusted adviser, a wise teacher, an idea generator, an agent of healing, and more!

In these sessions, we focus on using the Tarot as an intuitive tool for SELF-DISCOVERY. During engaging 2-hour sessions, you’ll experience one or two structured exercises using a deck of your choice, where you’ll get to work with your cards and journal privately, then we’ll have time for sharing and open discussion, when volunteers may share insights they received from working through the exercises.

You’ll enjoy a safe, confidential space to explore this amazing tool…and yourself!

  • Cost: $20 per person includes a wide selection of loaner tarot decks to work with and printed exercises
  • What to bring: Tarot deck (optional), a journal or note pad, writing instrument, beverage
  • What to know: Classes are held only in the Tampa Bay, FL area. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before the start so we can begin on time in sacred space; minimum of 3 required to hold session

Contact me to book a session in your home or venue